Should I Consolidate My Loans?

Direct Loan Consolidation may be an answer for you if you're having trouble making monthly payments on multiple student loans. They work by consolidating (combining together) your loans into one single loan. What are the pros and cons of doing…

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Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan?

Google the phrase, “Stafford loans,” and you’ll receive hundreds of hits about rate increases on student loans taking place.  However, the information is confusing and searching the Internet doesn’t help any.  CNN posted that rates on “nonsubsidized Stafford loans” would…

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Financial Aid Sleight-of-Hand

So, you've finally received your financial aid award letter.  Congratulations!  As you read through the letter, you may see a myriad of terms and abbreviations that can challenge even the best financial planner.  Award letters are as unique as the colleges that they are…

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Comparing Award Letters

So, the moment has arrived.  A financial aid award letter has arrived in your mailbox!  Ripping it open, perhaps you find columns of numbers or financial aid jargon that only makes your head spin.  Grants, loans, scholarships, work-study… How do…

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Myths of FAFSA

On January 4th, CNN Money reported on the fears of budget cuts for young college students.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan wrote a letter to Congress stating that if the budget cuts go through (starting in March), programs like FAFSA (Free Application…

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Golden Rule #5

Hiring managers today get too many applications for employment, especially in the current economy.  With unemployment rates hovering in the 7-8% range, you might say that it's an "employer's market."  Hiring managers need to quickly weed the stack of applications…

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