Work-Study Grant, Part II

So Where’s My Work-Study Grant Money?

Let me explain a little more how work-study grants operate.  When the college goes to pay you for dishwashing in the cafeteria, for example, you’ll be paid a percentage by the college and a percentage out of your grant.  Essentially, this allows the college to hire you for a bargain price!

I’ll use an example to further illustrate this.  Let’s say you’re paid a wage of $8.00/hour.  The college may pay only $4.00 of that while the remaining $4.00 comes from your work-study grant.   So, you’re quite a bargain for the school, because they get to hire you for only $4.00/hour.

Good News – Bad News

The good news is that colleges obviously want to hire you over a student who doesn’t receive this type of aid.  The bad news is that you’re competing with 100’s if not 1,000’s of other students (depending on the size of your school) for a limited number of campus jobs. However, there is a little known secret I’ll share in my next post on how to beat the competition for jobs.

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