Work-Study Grant. What’s That?

Work-study is one of the more confusing types of financial aid given to college students.  It’s not a loan, but a grant, yet neither is it free money deposited into your bank account.  Confused yet?

In simplest terms, work-study is money given to a college or university to offset the wages paid to you as a working student.  Note the words there, “working student.”  Yes, this means you need to get a job with the college in order to be paid as part of this grant.

Still Confused?

Let’s say that you receive a work-study grant for $1,800.  Now before you start dreaming about how you’ll spend that money on tuition, books or late-night pizza binges, let me explain.  You first need to land a job with the college.  Fortunately, there are lots of jobs that a college needs filled, such as: working in the cafeteria, library, gym, grounds, maintenance or administration.  Granted, some of these are not all that life-fulfilling, but they help pay the bills.

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